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Why compile these? Occasionally I stumble upon a quaintly dated website. I often wonder why they still exist in a day of responsive layouts and social media.
Perhaps someone back in the day put a lot of work in and refuses to yield to the demands of modernity. Or, like myself, the maintainers of these might be more than a little frightened of JavaScript. Likely case is these are just forgotten and someone is still paying for the hosting. Here they are to enjoy while they last.

NB: Most links are live and not to the Web Archive's Wayback Machine.

NNB: I should probably categorise these further.


  1. The Most Amazing Website On The Internet MOST HONOURABLE MEMBER.
  2. Creating a web page in FrontPage Express
  3. Tony's Vmware Site
  4. Netscape Bowser Archive
  5. All about NeXT computers
  6. Joe Roberts
  7. Wise Acres
  8. Bitmap Brothers
  9. Ars Technica They still have the 2007 version here
  10. Cannot find the damn server
  11. Northern Ireland Tourist Board (1997)
  12. Estatopia
  13. Overlord Enterprises
  14. Evil Overlord, Inc
  15. Lemmy's Land
  16. My quest for the perfect Window Manager in 2004
  17. Zero Catch Free Web hosting
  18. Toastytech and GUI Gallery
  19. 1998 Heaven
  20. Geocities Archived
  21. Welcome to Netscape 1.0 Also see this.
  22. Arcade BBS
  23. Network Knowledgebase
  24. Meridian 59 Old MMO
  25. Sterling Times, home of British Nostalgia
  26. Under Construction archive
  27. Make Any Webpage look like GeoCities
  28. The Prussian Monarchy
  29. phpBB 1.0 Forums
  30. More phpBB 1.0 Forums
  31. MSN Messenger mods
  32. Old Failblog
  33. The Future Crew
  34. Palm OS information
  35. The Drudge Report
  36. First Search Engine (currently down)


  1. Jack Chick Tracts
  2. Jesus Is Saviour
  3. Jesus Is Lord
  4. Print your own KJV!
  5. Darkness to Light
  6. Cutting Through the Matrix with Allen Matt
  7. Reformed Presbyterian Church - Covenanter (Sadly they made a new website)
  9. The Interactive Bible
  10. The Orange Banner - burning bright for Protestantism (It is glorious, visit using Internet Explorer to enjoy the MIDI sounds)
  11. Christian Answers
  12. Ian Paisley, Institute for Protestant Christian Studies. (Sadly they took down his old website, is this how you honour a legacy?)

BONUS: Windows 93.

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1611 KJV

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